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Indoor Hanging Plants

The Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Your Home or Office. Take a look at our guide on potting soil varieties to make the best choice for your indoor hanging plants.

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Soil drainage is important and should be mixed with organic material.

Indoor hanging plants. Experts recommend the best indoor hanging plants for low-light areas bright kitchens and every space in between including flowering indoor plants pothos hoya ivy spider plants and more. Whether youre a plant pro or green when it comes to greenery an indoor plant can spice up your space. It always brightens a room when you can add living greenery.

This may surprise some but Orchids make from great indoor hanging plants specifically Cattleya Orchids or Vanda Orchids. Achimenes Hot-Water Plant. We stock both climbing trailing hanging plants.

These trailing houseplants provide lush green foliage in almost any room. Simply attach your air plants to a hanger of your choosing and spritz them with water once a week to ensure the proper level of moisture. Pothos care is simpleand pothos plants are some of the most classic hanging plants youll find in big box nursery stores or nurseries.

Indoor Hanging Plants are the perfect addition to any beautiful indoor space. Love the look of hanging houseplants. Elevate the inside pots if necessary so the plants are visible but not the containers.

Morning Glory is a vining plant that likes to climb but it can be grown and displayed indoors in hanging baskets as well. Here youll find 22 awesome houseplants that work amazingly well in hanging baskets and plantersWhats great is indoor hanging plants truly add a unique touch to your home or office decor and are generally easy to maintain as long as you follow a few key pointers with regards to their light water and feeding preferences. This pretty indoor hanging plant gets its name from the small round leaves that trail down its thin stems.

I used a slatted box type planter in this manner and it worked as it was supposed to. Here are some of the most common. Collecting plants can be almost addictive so if you start running low on windowsills indoor hanging plants are a great solution.

Hang this trailer up high and let the tears flow. Hang it in a spot that gets tons of sunlight and keep it lightly moist for pretty results. The Boston fern is effective in removing pollutants from the air.

What follows is a list of 29 ideal hanging plants for indoors. Bernards Lily the spider plant Chlorophytum comosum is an indoor hanging plant. Smaller trailing plants tender perennials and annuals are destined to be kept in a hanging basket.

Hang them by a string or place them inside a hanging globe just make sure it has a large hole for air to circulate. Golden pothos which is variegated with green and yellow sometimes hints of off-white. Choose from an indoor apple tree a potted succulent for the dining table or a hanging basket in a corner.

This plant is also toxic to both dogs and cats. Rhipsalis Baccifera Mistletoe Cactus. If they eat the leaves it could lead to nausea vomiting or diarrhea.

Locate them where light is available to your plants when possible. Also known as an airplane plant and St. Step up from the standard potted plants and opt for hanging house plants as your new decor idea.

Campanula Isophylla Italian Bellflower. Chenille plants have red caterpillar-like flowers that add a pop of color to any room. This hanging plant needs humidity and is an ideal plant for a bright bathroom.

Whether you have a smaller space or wish to add extra flair with the breathing greenery hanging plants ideas is a great way for a green inspired space. Best Hanging Plants for Growing Indoors. If youre using cool indoor hanging planters the more the merrier.

There are several different varieties youll likely encounter. They make for a beautiful statement feature accompanied by other more greenery-based indoor plants and depending on the colour of Orchid you choose can add a pop of colour to an otherwise barren area. The best indoor hanging plants that are easy to care for include English ivy trailing peperomia jade plants heartleaf philodendrons and arrowhead plants.

Indoor Plant Shop Hanging Plants. So keep your plant enthusiasm strong and check out the types of indoor hanging plants below. There is a long list of different varieties of Morning Glory but my favorite is the popular Heavenly Blue.

They add a new focal point to rooms dont need their own stands. They add a backdrop of colour energy to any room that they are placed in. Babys tears Pilea depressa has delicate foliage that spreads quickly making it a beautiful hanging plant.

Placing plants throughout your home can also provide a. Caring for a hanging plant is rather different than growing one on the ground.

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